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     The Only Leading Discipline of Orthopedics in Taizhou Settling at Bo-Ai Hospital


          The station (Reporter Cai Weibiao): Recently, the provincial bureau of health announced the second batch of construction unit of county-level leading medical disciplines in Zhejiang Province, in which the Orthopedics of Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital led by Professor Sun Jie became one of the 30 leading disciplines and the only leading discipline of orthopedics in Taizhou so far.

          Orthopedics, always being the key discipline of the hospital, currently has seven wards, including joint surgery (femoral head necrosis specialist), trauma surgery, spinal surgery and microsurgery, and 160 specialist beds at the occupancy rate of 92%. It respectively receives 950 126,000 annual inpatient and outpatient visits, and provides average 1575 annual surgical cases. With those in several well-known domestic hospitals, such as Shanghai Changhai Hospital, the Orthopedics in the hospital has established cooperative relationship and carried out business guidance and communication. On the basis of the traditional orthopedics, the hospital keeps its Orthopedics always in the forefront of the discipline and the head in the orthopedics circle in Taizhou by constantly introducing new technologies and projects, and providing such complicated medical operations as severed finger reunion, five-finger rebuilding, bone tumor resection, arthroscopic surgery, and spinal anterior-posterior approach surgery. The authorization of county-level leading medical discipline in the province will play a huge role of promotion to the further development and growth of the orthopedics in the hospital and Luqiao, and even Taizhou region.

          At the mention of the construction of orthopedics, the responsible person Professor Sun Jie confidently told the reporter that the hospital would, based on the construction of the county-level leading discipline and by integrating regional health care resources, develop the scale of the discipline, cultivate innovative talents of the regional discipline, improve the coverage and services of the discipline, and accelerate regional innovation and development of the regional medical technologies, so as to make greater contribution to the construction of “healthy Taizhou” and “strong health zone”.