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     New Taizhounese Have Health Relief Fund


        The station (Reporter of Taizhou Daily Wang Yiyou, reporter of Luqiao Today Wang Baochu, reporter of the newspaper Cai Weibiao): On August 4, the inauguration ceremony of New Taizhounese Health Relief Foundation and Party Branch was held in Luqiao. Xiao Luwei, deputy director of Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of provincial People’s Congress, Liang Xingxin, deputy secretary of “Two New” working committee of provincial Party committee and deputy director of the provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and Chen Huiliang, vice president of Municipal CPPCC attended the ceremony.

         It is learned that the Foundation, approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province, is a non-public charity with independent legal personality registered and established on May 6 this year. It has an initial fund of 2 million yuan co-funded by 9 new social organizations, such as Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital, Taizhou Hongan Construction Co. Ltd., and Taizhou Hengjian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Up to now, it has raised funds totaling 3.17 million yuan.

         The Foundation holds the mission of “building a harmonious society, supporting vulnerable groups, assisting patients of new Taizhounese”, and will help new Taizhounese keep healthy from the three aspects of “health assistance, the popularization of health knowledge, aid for disadvantaged groups to improve the quality of life”. Ye Keng, president of the Foundation, said, new Taizhounese in poverty especially those being into poverty by illness can apply for relief to the Foundation through the websites set by the Foundation in each hospital in the city.

         As a major sponsor of the Foundation, Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital pledged to donate 1.5 million yuan to the Foundation.