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     Another Medical Work Published by Sun Jie


         The station (Reporter Cai Weibiao) Recently, Professor Sun Jie, leader of the county-level leading discipline of orthopedics in Zhejiang provincial Bureau of Health and chief physician of Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital, published his fifth guiding medical work summarized from the clinical practice in the last decade, Integrative Minimally Invasive Treatment of Fracture of The Extremities, a book by People’s Medical Publishing House.

         The book is compiled of Sun Jie’s detailed interpretation, comments and analysis of classic cases in clinical practice for many years by combining with the clinical experience. It is divided into 15 chapters of 61 sections, including the fracture of various parts of the body, with each chapter covering overview, classification, typing and treatment. It mainly elaborates that the minimally invasive technique is the minimal wound technology rising in the 1980s, and sums up the minimally invasive medicine in combination of bone-setting manipulations in Chinese medicine, providing a therapy of small local trauma, little pain to the patient, easy to accept, and combing the dynamic and static with fast recovery .

         Professor Sun Jie has been engaged in orthopedic clinical medicine for over 30 years with abundant experience. The book provides a guiding to the clinical practice for the wide young doctors, medical students, graduate students, doctors in primary hospitals and general practitioners in community hospitals.