Dean's speech

 Time flies and time towers.
       Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital, founded in 1996, welcomes her 15th anniversary on August 4, 2011.Over the past 15 years, with the concern of the leaders from the party committees, governments and hygiene departments in charge of all levels, through joint efforts of previous leading groups and all staffs, the hospital has witnessed a sustainable and steady evolvement from small-scale and large-scale, and from weak to powerful. At present, it has become a comprehensive hospital with the multidisciplinary development of medical treatment, scientific research and teaching, contributing to the health care, physical and psychological health of all citizens.
        For the past 15 years, like a ship with full sail and full of cargos, she moves ahead in the channel of medical development in China, going through all kinds of hardships and trials. Looking back to the ups and downs she has experienced, we are surprised and proud of her achievements! With the unremitting efforts of staffs in the hospital, the medical environment, medical equipment, medical technology, subject construction, talent echelons and research & teaching have undergone enormous changes.
        For the past 15 years, staffs here exert every effort to make progress. With keen determination and innovation, it propagates tradition and maintains the advantages while initiates fresh progress from all aspects. With vigorous efforts in the development of high, precise and advanced technology, the hospital has got many core technology brands established and flourish.
        For the past 15 years, the staffs here dedicated to explore and make themselves better. She is dignified because of the hoards of charity hospital culture and young because of the shining of modern civilization. We attach importance to the cultural construction of the hospital and the change of concepts. The great-leap-forward development of the hospital has been guaranteed through strengthening the quality awareness, legal awareness, safety awareness, crisis awareness and innovation awareness.
         It has experienced the progression of seasons and the extraordinary times over the past 15 years. For the health of millions of households, she engraves the Party’s entrustment on her mind and performs the social responsibility actively. On the vast land of Taizhou, she left the firm footprints of the love for people. She demonstrated her noble qualities as an angel in white during public health emergencies and major rescue and relief works. She receives lasting love from the fellow countrymen and every step she makes arouses the concern from all walks of life.
         The years of hardships and trials have elapsed instantly. The towering pine trees are easy to be seen after the washing of storms. Taizhou Bo-Ai Hospital is in a boom period of development, we sincerely wish her shoulder the mission vested by the time at the new starting point of her 15th anniversary and embrace more prosperity and glories with high-spirited and vigorous passions.
         On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the hospital, we express our heartfelt thanks to the concern of party committees, governments and health authorities at all levels! We are also grateful to friends from all walks of life that care, support, and contribute to the prosperity of the hospital. And again, gratitude must be given to you—each industrious staff that dedicates to the development of the hospital!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               July 2011